Pi Kappa Alpha Symbols

The coat of arms was adopted by the members at the 1909 New Orleans convention.

Garnet and Old Gold 

These colors stand for values taught in our ritual.  Our colors stand front and center on how our audience perceives us.  The reference of the Fraternity colors comes from the heraldic description of our Coat of Arms. 

The Coat of Arms is our most prominent and significant visual element of our brand.  While the symbology represents the ideals taught in our ritual, the symbols and colors reflect the dignity and truth of our brotherhood. 

Adopted at the 1909 convention, the heraldic description of the coat of arms has endured until the present day.

The coat of arms shall be as follows: A gold triangular shield, known as the first cycle, with a riveted edge and a garnet center. On this shield appear in gold the Greek letters “PKA”, and underneath the Greek letters a gold dagger with the point downward. A gold ribbon appears on the left and right sides of the shield, respectively, on which are inscribed the small Greek letters in garnet “jjka”. The shield is supported or rests upon a gold key and sword crossed behind the shield and connected at the bottom with a gold chain which passes beneath the lower point of the shield. The hilt of the sword is clasped with a gold hand. The key crosses from the lower left-hand corner to the upper right-hand corner, with the flange upward. The sword crosses from the lower right-hand corner to the upper left-hand corner and is of the army service saber type. Beneath this shield appear two sprays of lily of the valley in green and white, which cross each other and are tied by a white ribbon. The shield itself is surmounted by an esquire helmet in gold, on which appear three feathers in their natural color, white. In the background appear rays as though coming from the sun.

Licensed Vendors Help Maintain our Brand

The following vendors are licensed and primary providers of merchandise that uphold the brand standards of Pi Kappa Alpha:

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Additional licensed vendors can be found at www.GreekLicensing.com.