The True PIKE Experience

Development does not stop after initiation.

Since its inception in 2003, PIKE University serves as the combined banner for all the Fraternity’s educational and leadership programs and maintains itself as the premiere leadership development program in the fraternity world.

PIKE University events are professionally facilitated events that occur through eight regional Leadership Summits, a Chapter Executives Conference, and The Academy/International Convention.

Building on the success of PIKE University, Pi Kappa Alpha now provides the True PIKE Experience, our peer-to-peer focused, chapter-based, four-year membership development program.

What is the True PIKE Experience?

The True PIKE Experience is an individualistic, comprehensive member-development program that is branded around the Fraternity’s True Pike values statement. This program incorporates all involvement aspects of Pi Kappa Alpha (including scholastic performance, personal development, leadership, PIKE University, community engagement, campus involvement and participation) through in-person and peer-to-peer engagement, coupled with peer-to-peer facilitated educational curriculum to both complement individual involvement and provide members with a greater appreciation for what it means to be a True Pike, ultimately preparing them for success in life. The TPE operationalizes the commitments of the True Pike that members make to themselves, their brothers, their fraternity, and their community.

Learn More!

To learn more about the program, watch the TPE demo below.

To learn more about the program, listen to episode 008 of the PIKE Podcast between the Fraternity’s Director of Educational Content & Strategy Jarrett Way (North Texas, Epsilon Delta ’13) and Director of Membership Development Devon Teixeira (Cal State-Fresno, Iota Beta ’10) where they discuss the program, how it came to be and where they see the program going in the future.

To learn how to implement and operationalize the TPE at your chapter, visit the PIKE Blog by clicking HERE.

To learn about the Member Development cabinet, and the resources that are available to them, click here.