Chapter Executive Council

Andrew Tiede ('19 initiate)


"I joined PIKE to be a part of a great organization as well as to develop me as a more well-rounded man. I enjoy making memories I will never forget."

  • Major: Accounting

Alex Arango ('19 initiate)

Vice President of External Affairs

"I chose PIKE because of the great men and the high values they hold themselves to and enjoy the close friends and community service."

  • Major: Accounting

Tyler Oliver ('19 initiate)

Vice President of Internal Affairs

"PIKE is where my friends are and I followed in their footsteps. Now I can call those friends my brothers. I enjoy impacting the community in a positive way and helping those in need."

  • Major: Accounting/Finance

John Balleweg ('19 initiate)

Sergeant at Arms

"I joined PIKE because of our dedication to Cure Kids Cancer. Joining PIKE gave me the opportunity to give back to an organization that helps the local community in fighting the battle for cancer so kids don't need to."

  • Major: Accounting

Garrett Kroger ('19 initiate)


"I joined PIKE to experience new opportunities and meet new people, and I enjoy the community service that PIKE is involved in."

  • Major: Finance

Nathan Popp ('20 initiate)

Chief Marketing Officer

"I became a PIKE because I wanted to join a group of exceptional gentlemen and learn how to become one myself while being involved on campus and in the local community."

  • Major: Medical Biology

Carson Zubke ('18 initiate)

Vice President of Membership Development

"I joined PIKE because it was the chapter where I felt I had the most friends. Our fraternity has brought me out of my comfort zone and helped me learn about leadership, brotherhood, and service."

  • Major: Health Services Administration/Accounting

Derek Johnson ('19 initiate)

Health and Safety Officer

"I joined PIKE to have the opportunity to be a part of something greater than myself and to see my brothers everyday."

  • Major: Sports Marketing

Logan Rahn ('18 initiate)

Director of Recruitment

"I joined PIKE because it's given me an opportunity to grow through my college career and to be able to give back to my community."

  • Major: Sports Marketing

Ethan Young ('19 initiate)

Director of Recruitment

"I joined PIKE to better myself and to make lifelong connections and friends. I enjoy the brotherhood and our impact in the community."

  • Major: Nursing

Michael Eggum ('20 initiate)


"I wanted to join PIKE because I wanted to build professional connections and a sense of brotherhood. No matter what happens, your brothers have your back and will help you out."

  • Major: Medical Biology